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Gillian Mary “Jill” ClydeAge: 90 years19282018

Gillian Mary “Jill” Clyde
Given names
Gillian Mary
Married name
Gillian Mary Dohmen
Birth March 8, 1928
Death of a husbandJan Hubert “Jan” Dohmen
April 21, 1975 (Age 47 years)
Death December 20, 2018 (Age 90 years) Age: 90
  1. Generation 1
    1. Gillian Mary “Jill” Clyde

      Gillian Mary “Jill” Clyde was born on March 8, 1928 in england and died on December 20, 2018 in Christchurch New Zealand at the age of 90. She married Jan Hubert “Jan” Dohmen, son of Josef Hubert Dohmen and Margaretha Hubertina “Tinie” Creugers.

      Gillian Mary “Jill” Clyde and Jan Hubert “Jan” Dohmen had 1 child.

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    The details of this generation are private.
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